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Pokémon is an evil, Satanic Sin [According To This Christian Fool]

Published on 20 Jan 2019 / In Knowledge & Religion

Coming across things, I find this: http://www.everythingisterrible.com/
This guy obviously doesn't know anything about Pokémon.
Like he said, it's a game. And the people who end up killing others over it (along with other gaming and TCGs) are the ones who are mentally ill - not fit for society. It nowhere near revolves around Pokémon, and this man is a horrible one. Putting Pokémon and gaming aside, those people committing their crimes were probably destined to hurt or kill at some point in their life because of that illness; not because of Pokémon or the particular game on its own. It has nothing to do with gaming. He doesn't realize that Pokémon in the game and the show are what people call "good." There are no 'demonic spirits' in Pokémon, and it isn't Witchcraft. It's not a world of the demonic, and definitely not a world of the Satanic. There's not one mention of Satan in the series or the games. This is Christianity at its worst. They have to result to something of high popularity to gain recognition and false belief. It's incredibly low, and far more than pathetic. Pokémon are not "reclusive monsters." They're creatures of good in a series that does nothing but provide enjoyment to intelligent, or even unintelligent people. And logical people like many, realize that Pokémon is only a game. How could someone, like this fool, go as far as to call this series over 10 years-old and standing strong "Satanic?" I detest everything he says, down to the single word 'the.' Spirits aren't controlling the people or the creatures in this popular series. They aren't in a world of Satanism. They're not in a world of hatred. They're not even in a world of demonic culture - not even Witchcraft. It's not even a cult! The show and game series has great morals. The television series and the games will teach people to do right. They'll teach you the difference between right and wrong, but people with average to little, or even high intellect normally know the difference on their own. Nothing in the highly popular topic could be proven to be evil, or anything of that sort. This is Christianity's actions at its most ignorant. Apparently you can't be 'saved' or 'go to heaven' if you listen to a certain type of music, watch certain television programs, play Pokémon, or even use the internet. I'm sorry, but after this, I loathe this religion as a whole.
Go here: http://www.pokemon.com/ just to see that Pokémon is nothing of Satan's work. It's the hard, long, successful work of 田尻智. (Satoshi Tajiri)
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