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Adam Was The First White Man. Blacks and Asians were created before Adam

Published on 25 Nov 2018 / In All Others

Pastor Bertrand Comparet was an outstanding teacher of the Word of God, though he has errors in his doctrine, nonetheless was terrific. Pastor Comparet in this clip teaches that Adam was not the first man that God created and this is absolutely correct. When the Word of God says that Adam was the first man in (1Cor 15:45) the Holy Spirit did not mean of all humanity. The name Adam in Hebrew is Aw-dawm,' which means to be of a "ruddy" complexion or to be red. The Hebrew name Aw-dawm also means "to show blood in the face", i.e. to flush or turn rosy. This description only applies to Caucasian people. There is overwhelming evidence that the Middle East during biblical times was all white except Sumer where the first aboriginal blacks lived before migrating into Yemen as slaves which many still are today in Saudi Arabia. Archaeological evidence has proved and continued to prove that the 7 nations in Canaan and those of Babylon were white. We have proof that Japheth, Noah's oldest son, and his descendants became known as the second Europeans, who settled into northern Europe and became known as the Germans, British; they were also the ancient Greeks, Romans and many make up today's modern Jews.

Ham, the youngest son of Noah, many of his descendants became known as the Spanish, and Portuguese who were the ancient Phoenicians. The original Egyptians were white not black . Cush and Ham and Nimrod and Canaan were all white. There is documentation that the Amorites, descendants of Ham had blonde hair, and that the Hivites where a people of red hair. Now Shem, had some descendants who were known as the Medes like Japheth, the Medes through both Japheth and Shem joined and became one nation known as the Persians which is where Alexander the Great came from. The biblical Israelites, who would later be called the Anglo Saxons, which is dutch that means "Messengers, sons of Issac". Issac was the son of Abraham and father of Jacob and Esau. Jacob is the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. All these are white tribes and there are many more that we didn't list.

Cain of the bible was known to have blonde hair and beard. Cain's descendants today are those of the Illuminati banking family and Rockefellers, Astor's families who are all white, we know that the bible tells us that Cain was the biological son of satan (1Jn 3:12).

The first people that God created were known as the Sumerian blackheads of ancient Mesopotamia, later named Ethiopians; while the Asians were known as the Sinim of (Isa 49:12). These are all facts not hearsay or some rumor. Adam was the first man of the Adamic people called white or Caucasion people today. Noah himself was described as having blonde hair.

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