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Anunnaki Gods Pt III Marduk and Hebrew God Comparisons

Published on 01 Oct 2018 / In

This video is a continuance of the comparitive religions of the Gods of the Ancient of days. I am comparing here the ancient Babylonian God from the Enuma Elish, and comparing it with the scriptures written in the Bible. I extensively explain these comparisons and how they relate. I will be continuing in this series to explain even further these Gods. Take a walk through history into the understanding of this wonderful history that we have been given. I hope you enjoy.

Correction: I stated that the Enuma Elish was written in 2350 BC, I wanted to mention, it was in the 18th century BC. I stated the date of the Atrahasis, Epic of Gilgmesh 2350 BC.

Most interesting history. Peace and much Wisdom to you all.

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