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God Of War Tribute | Symphonic Metal Version [+Lyrics]

Published on 20 Jan 2019 / In Knowledge & Religion

By far, this was the most dedicated work that I ever made. I should start saying that I'm very dedicated musician and I am very lucky to have a lot of musicians way better than me as friends. So firstly thanks a lot to my incredible friend and singer #AdrianaBernardes. She was awesome!!! To create this arrangement I started transcribing by ear each note of the original soundtrack to begin this arrangement. It took a lot of time to connect all ideas from the coolest songs from GOW series with a "touch" of heavy metal... I can tell you that I used all my resources, abilities, knowledge and effort into this work. This doesn't mean that was easy, it was challenging and laborious, but at the same time as I was progressing, I was becoming more and more excited with the partial development. Well, I was very excited to work on this because this arrangement was the song selected by my patrons. As I'm a huge fan o GOW series, I could not create anything less than this. For me Kratos is a symbol of strength, brutality and (by now) more like an emotional character, a father... So I tried to represent all these aspects into this version. That's pretty much it. For sure I'll try to create another arrangement as good as this one in the future! Maybe another game? Movie? Anime? Pop song? Go there on my Patreon page and stay tuned! Soon I'll start the next poll to choose the next song.

► Adriana Bernardes social media:
♦ INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/adrianabernardesoficial/
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► Huge thanks to all my patrons! Specially:
Adilton Janeiro
Renato Ferreira
Cayo Vieira
Camilo Camurça

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