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How I lived in the Alaska Wilderness

Published on 22 Nov 2018 / In Travel & Events

This is #5 of a larger video series. This one about living on a small river in the wilderness putting up food and fertilizing salmon eggs. Please Share if possible, it is the only way I have of getting these to people. Thanks, Stan

How I made a 32’ long boat and what it could haul. Getting the boat down the small Tozitna River.
How summer vegetables were dried for winter.
How a small salmon hatchery was run to make more fish. Methods used to plant eggs.
All around the inside of Tozitna cabin. Fish and moose for supper.

Story behind the video series:
About 25 years ago a filmmaker named AJ Rosser flew into our Yukon River village to film our annual spring dog races. We met and he decided to make a movie of my life. We traveled 40 miles to my Tozitna River cabin to interview me there. Over a number of days we filmed and he made 10 hours of VCR movie camera video to get the stories down, skipping around but also moving forward through time. AJ never got the movie made but sent the tapes to me many years later so I could do something with them.
The plan is to hopefully keep them coming till all are done. Some of the VCR tapes have deteriorated some so occasional visual moments are cloudy.

Also "Carry On: Stan Zuray's Journey from Boston Greaser to Alaskan Homesteader" is now available on Amazon in paperback, eBook, and audiobook. Amazon reviews always appreciated. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521098891 Anyone interested in a signed copy see instructions on 1st post of my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stanzuray/

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