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Satan - Calculated Execution (Driller Killer) (Lyrics)

Published on 20 Jan 2019 / In Knowledge & Religion

All rights go to the duly righted, in this case Satan. No copyright Infringement intended. If the band wants me to remove this content, it would be my pleasure.

Band - Satan
Album - Suspended Sentence
Year Released - 1987
Country of Origin - UK

Line up:
Michael Jackson - Vocals (no, not the pop singer)
Steve Ramsey - Guitars (Blind Fury, Skyclad)
Russ Tippins - Guitars (Blind Fury)
Graeme English - Bass (Blind Fury, Skyclad)
Sean Taylor - Drums (Blind Fury, Blitzkrieg)

A band with many names over the course of its lifetime, including: Satan, Blind Fury, The Kindred, and Pariah. This isn't really an unknown band, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to have another set on YT with good sound and lyrics.

You hear something screaming inside your mind
The hostile visions not quite clear
Waking you're released from your nightmare
But your sweat is dripping you're scared

You feel no movement you're paralysed
The frightening shadow seemed like reality
Then from the corner of your eye
You glimpse the shadow watching from outside
No justice in his actions
No motive in his crimes
Calculated execution of the ultimate design

Driller Killer Calculated crime
Driller Killer Of the ultimate design
Driller Killer He's watching your every move

Silently you stare there's nothing there
Paranoia finds its home
Locked in your prison of confusion
You're sure the figure glarings an illusion

You shut your eyes, you plead insane
A violent fear convicts your brain
Your window shakes, that evil face
Starts clawing for the slaughter
No justice in his actions
No motive in his crimes
Calculated execution of the ultimate design

The screeching pitch sends the chill of death
It's biting at your spine
Shivering with fear, the room is dark
As the distorted figure looms

You whimper like a frightened dog
As the violent blows begin
It's time to kiss your ass goodbye
As you hear the screams of "die"!!


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