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Spanish city protests over new sculpture of Satan smiling - Daily News

Published on 20 Jan 2019 / In Knowledge & Religion

Spanish city protests over new sculpture of Satan smiling - Daily News
Spanish,city,protests,new,sculpture,Satan,smiling A Spanish city has halted the installation of a selfie-taking Satan statue over protests it looks too jolly.
The story tells how Mephistopheles, a demon, was tricked by a young Segovian to build the city's famous aqueduct in a single night.
, the BBC reported.
The statue pictures the devil smiling and taking a selfie with a smartphone.
More than ten per cent of the city's population, around 5,500 people, have now signed a petition for it to be cancelled.
The petition claims the sculpture is 'offensive to Catholics' due to the 'jovial' way the devil is portrayed.
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It also says Satan is meant to be 'repulsive and despicable - not kind and seductive, like that of the "good-natured devil" without malice' which Mr Abella created.
The organiser of the petition, Maria Esther Lazaro Harnanz, wrote: 'The representation they want to make, reflects a devil, jokingly, with a mobile phone in his hand.
'This representation is offensive to Catholics, because it supposes an exaltation of evil, and using the name of God, on what most repulses produces a Catholic, who is the devil.'
A judge has now called for the installation to be paused - but Mr Abella said he 'doesn't understand' the row over his creation.
The former doctor told El Pais: 'It all began with a visit to Lübeck. They also have a local legend about the devil being duped into building a church.
'When I saw the little figure they had there as a tribute, I thought, "What a great idea to export to Segovia!"
'I don’t understand anything. I just wanted to pay homage to my city and to create something to give back all I have been given.'
City Councillor Claudia de Santos said she 'couldn't believe this could happen in 21st century Spain'.

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