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The One World System Of Satan-Jeremiah 41

Published on 20 Jan 2019 / In Knowledge & Religion

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Firebrand Ministries Bible study Channel is an in-depth bible study channel that teaches the Bible chapter by chapter verse by verse the way that God intended.The Bible is God's personal love letter to His children foretelling them all things and He teaches them how to get it done in the walk of the flesh. God opens the the way, the truth and the life thru Jesus Christ the Living Word that was made flesh and dwelt among man.God shows us how to obtain blessings, and peace of mind as He leads, guides, and directs those that have the love and discipline to study His precious word. I Logan am a willing vessel for God to use to teach His Word and answer any questions you or anyone may have about the bible. I am trying to grow this channel and teach the simple truth of God's Word to the world as God sees fit as the Holy Spirit leads and touches. Please Like and share these videos and reach out to further God's Word being taught. FALSE CHRIST COMES FIRST! KNOW IT

Studying our heavenly Fathers Word and applying it to your life will make you rich with the blessings of God! It makes His day to see his children read the letter he sent to them foretelling them all things. Jesus Christ IS the living word and studying this word brings peace of mind and true rest! Our heavenly Father loves you and wants to be a part of your life!! Make Him! He is always there for you and will never leave or forsake you.

Traditions of men make void the Word of God. Anything you cant document in the bible is false.There is so much confusion in todays world about the end times and thats how satan wants it. He wants you to be confused so you run to the first person doing miracles and claiming to be Christ. Christ has foretold us ALL THINGS! He doesn't leave us wondering or wanting.

False Christ Comes First. Satan is the antichrist. He will be coming instead of Christ. He will look and claim to be Christ to the world. He will do everything you would expect Christ to do at his coming. He is coming in peacefully and prosperously. He's not coming red with a pitch fork and horns but beautiful. He will bring peace to the world with a one world system. He will do miracles in the sight of men. The WHOLE world will be deceived and worship him. There is NO rapture. Christ will not return until after Satan fools the whole world into thinking he is Christ.

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